Anger Over Rumble

RockRomanI’ve been a fan of professional wrestling since I was a kid. As an adult I’ve kind of gone away from it in large part to the fact that I’ve grown up and the product has gone younger. So I sporadically pop my head in, noticed John Cena is the new champion (again) and leave. The product has become very predictable. Nothing magical seems to happen anymore.

Last night I watched one of my all time favorite event, the Royal Rumble. To my surprise the Triple Threat match was one of the best I’ve seen in quite some time. It was well done and I LOVED it! It’ll probably go down as match of the year and I doubt anyone could or would argue differently.

RumbleNow the Royal Rumble is what pissed most of the audience off. I personally liked the Rumble. It was as enjoyable as it always has been for me. I got to see appearances from Bubba Ray Dudley, Diamond Dallas Page, and even the Boogeyman. It was a fun event throughout and the fans were engaged up until the point where Daniel Bryan got eliminated. That’s when it got ugly. The rest of the card was smattered with boos and Daniel Bryan chants.

Then Dolph Ziggler was tossed over the top rope like he was a bag of shit. The topping on this delicious event was Roman Reigns winning the event. The crowd went livid, and I mean fuckin LIVID! Not even a cosign from the Rock could smooth it all over. What makes this all odd for me was that last year Reigns was the runner up and the fans were pissed he didn’t win. Now he wins and the crowd is now pissed that he did win. So much so that #CancelWWENetwork started trending soon there after and still is this morning.

RomanMy critiques of the events are on the minor side and that’s if I forget all the matches before the Triple Threat match. I wished that Bryan and Ziggler would have had better showings. It was extremely underwhelming considering these are two really popular guys who have been paying their dues. I have no fuckin clue who Ziggler pissed off along the way, because that guy has been living under a fuckin glass ceiling for way too long. He’s given just enough to keep him relevant but then they cut him off before he gets too big.

With all that being said I’m not canceling my fuckin WWE Network subscription over it.  In my most humble of opinions, I think that the WWE fan has become too smart for it’s own good. It’s mutated into what now looks like a giant spoiled child. I get that we have the right to cheer, boo, and cancel subscriptions however we want. It’s the beauty of being a fan of any sport, but it feels weird watching the fan now becoming a participant in the event. A very unhealthy participant at that.

Let’s all take a step back along with a deep breath. It’s just not that fuckin important. What else would you have been watching anyway, the fuckin NFL Probowl? Like the child that packed up their bag and told their mom that they are running away, take your aimless walk around the block a few times then make your way back to the couch. They know you’re not going anywhere, you’ll be subscribing again soon enough.

Sith Lord & Apprentice

DeflateYesterday both the Sith Lord himself and his apprentice both denied everything and apparently know nothing. No one knows shit! Nothing. Bill had no idea of anything and then passed the buck onto Tom. Tom got up here with his goofy fuckin hat and said he also had no fuckin clue with what happen.

No one believes either of you, so much so it’s fuckin comical. Honestly the only reason any of this even matters is because of Spy Gate. Aside from that we wouldn’t give two shits about your balls. We would probably laugh at the whole thing and just have fun with it. The problem that so many people have is the fact that you guys got caught cheating, haven’t been to the Super Bowl since and now the year you’re back in it’s based on this shit!

Also, it’s not lost on me that you’re sponsor’s hashtag is #Flexball!!

Uncle Tom?


I don’t get it. I just really don’t. I don’t see the purpose for calling a black guy an Uncle Tom simply because he decides to offer a different view point for what’s going on. I’ve been outspoken about how I miss when hip-hop would give a fuck. By that I mean how many rappers have you heard open up lately about social issues? J. Cole has been one of the few. His “Be Free” song was beautifully written and his performance on Letterman was powerful. The pain seems to drip from every word, honestly one of the most emotional socially aware songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

I miss that about Hip-Hop, the ability to be a counter culture that spoke for the people. That doesn’t mean that it has to be as bold as Tupac and Public Enemy were. There’s also a gentler ability that can also be used. J. Cole does that in this song but so does Kendrick Lamar on his comments when asked about Ferguson. Part of his message was that there is a sense of responsibility that the community has to take upon it’s own shoulders in order for things to get better. In return some people  now view him as a “coon” or an “Uncle Tom”.

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-20-20-47-38.pngThat in essence is part of the fucking problem. I despise the fact that we are treated like second class citizens by the police. There’s a serious problem in America and something needs to change and change in a fuckin hurry. It saddens me every time I hear about a new story where a cop has killed another black guy who was unarmed. All while a white kid can shoot up a movie theater yet he’s apprehended without so much as a fuckin scratch. In all seriousness explain that one for me.
wpid-screenshot_2015-01-20-20-42-04.pngWith that being said why wouldn’t an honest conversation about our communities be had. Why is it that all we want our representatives to do is get angry at white America and ignore the dumb shit we’re doing? What sense does that make? Let me put it this way, how I treat my brother is far more indictful of me as a man than how a stranger treats him. If we are destroying each other in the streets why would we expect anyone else to treat us any different?

The View of Vets

SnipeWith the release of the American Sniper there’s been a lot of random opinions being thrown around by both liberals and conservatives alike. Micheal Moore came off as a complete idiot for his comments on snipers being cowards. He backtracked a few days later but the damage was done.

Then I came across this gem of a tweet. I blacked out her name because I felt that she had received enough hate mail for her thoughts as it was and I just didn’t want to be a contributing factor to any of that. She was already getting death threats and had been called of plenty of names by the time I came across the tweet. There’s no room for that kind of behavior and I was more offended by the responses than anything she ever said.

PriceWhile I haven’t seen the movie but I did read the book a few years back. While this young lady is allowed to have her opinion, it saddens me more than offends. As a second generation Army veteran I have a deep affinity for the military. It’s a volunteer fighting force of men and women that do a job thats ugly. There is no refuting that it’s ugly, it’s dirty, and it’s a job that most of America is not fit for. Since WWII it’s actually down to just .5% of the population that actually serves.

These .5 percenters commit to a life that’s unlike any other. They willingly sacrifice their own rights and safe lives for one of defense of others. It’s an entirely different life where every decision you make on the battlefield is life and death, and I don’t mean just your own. You’re decisions could lead to the death of your teammates or better yet the preservation of them.

I love being an America, I’m deeply patriotic but I feel that there will always be a disconnect between those who serve and those who haven’t. While I never served in the theater of war I understand it’s bitterly cold reality where social norms don’t exist as typical Americans view them. Nothing is quite black and white. While Chris Kyle like anyone of us is not a saint, he is an American hero on the battlefield.


Hypocrite Much?

CharlieI’m someone who enjoys free speech. On a certain level I valued it so much I even served in the Army. No I’m not some kind of hero, I mainly did it to because I had no idea where I was going in life so it seemed like a good decision. I am all for free speech, that is with the exception of speech which threatens someone. I know that sounds a bit murky when you really think about it. When does a threat end and free speech begin. I don’t think anyone should live in fear of death based on my words.

A French comedian by the name of Dieudonne M’bala M’bal was arrested for writing a status update that that seemed to support the terrorist attacks. The guy apparently is known for an antisemitic show. While I disagree with anything that remotely supports terrorism, and his humor may not be my cup of tea isn’t he afforded the right in free speech?

A bunch of people JUST marched together in support of free speech for Charlie Hebdo, yet the French government turns around and starts locking people up for speech they don’t agree with? While as a minority I despise the KKK, I feel they have the right to exist. They have the freedom to call me a nigger or a spic or whatever other offensive word they decide to use against me on any given day.

THAT, is the freedom of speech, and it works BOTH ways!