Over Protective

This is another one of my generational rants about parenting. Keep in mind these are the thoughts of a 33-year-old man who has yet to be a parent so in the end what the fuck do I know. Take what I say about parenting with a grain of salt if you want.


Dinners are important, some of the most vivid memories I had as a kid were of us having dinner together at the end of the day. It’s time to bond and talk about the things that are going on. It’s beautiful. It’s not that I don’t see enough family dinners now a days, what I see is parents making too many separate meals for everyone at the table. Fuck that! Stop catering to everyone. Their opinions don’t matter, they eat what you serve. You might as well get them ready for one of two things, prison or the military. Very distinctly different lifestyles where you rarely choose what’s for dinner.


Life’s dangerous and that’s why there are bandaids, peroxide, and medical insurance. Stop protecting them from all of life’s risks. There’s no need to coddle them every chance you get. Sometimes you need to let them fall after you’ve warned them. You don’t need to put kids on fuckin leashes. Let them slide down the slide head first, climb the trees in the back yard, or just explore in general. When they fall and you know it’s a little injury don’t baby them. Tell them to rub some dirt in it, drink water, and drive on.


That kid you spawned is bound to have to deal with bullies from now until adulthood. Those shitheads are everywhere so you can’t avoid them. Words aren’t always the best defense, telling on them doesn’t completely fix the issue and when neither of these work your kid needs to be prepared for the worst. The worst being beating the shit out of a kid who decided to invade the sovereign nation which is him/her. Parent’s who say violence is never the answer live in fantasy land and need to get their heads checked. You’re safe and sound at the moment due to the local police and the military keeping our enemies at bay.


Fuck your kid’s feelings and yours for that matter. We live in a competitive world. Every day you get up in the morning your body is competing against invading illnesses, your competing for jobs, parking spaces, and the love interest in your life. Everything we do holds some form of a competitive nature so why would you want to “guard” against it when it comes to your kid? Eliminating winners and losers in childhood games isn’t repairing anyone for what life really has in store. I honestly want them to lose more often than they win so they can appreciate the wins and overcome the losses.

For Men Only – 10 Ways to Lie… but Not “Really Lie” to a Woman



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  1. The easiest way is to cross your fingers. This still counts… I don’t know what idiot told everyone this stops working when you are a kid. I use it all the time!
  2. It isn’t really a lie if there is an ounce of truth. Kind of like a pool of water that has a drop of holy water dropped in it is suddenly pure right? Makes sense. So just make sure you put “enough truth” to make it “good enough.” You don’t have to feel guilty about getting caught over “good enough” fellas.
  3. Don’t look her in the eyes. Anything said while not looking a woman in the eyes is questionable and this can be proven in current court records. It will work. Be firm men.
  4. If you kind of trail off at the end of sentences then “technically” more words “might” have been there. This counts as the “loose ends”…

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Life of Irresponsibility

I think I’ve solved how I’ll live a life of irresponsibility. I’ll clone myself, obviously. Once I find a genie, that genie will grant me some wishes. One of them will be for an awesome fuckin clone. Said clone will go to work, get the groceries, cook, and go to a bunch of family functions that I’d rather just pass on. If you think I sound like dick this must be the first time you’re reading my blog.

I’d enjoy a life with no responsibility what so ever!

Colored Glasses


I am Puerto Rican of African decent raised in America. I’ve lived next to my African-American brothers and sisters experiencing a life that White America has never had to deal with. For some background on me I am not a gangbanger nor have I ever claimed a set. I’ve never been arrested, nothing so much as even a speeding ticket. I’m shy and well spoken, intelligent, ambitious, prideful in my heritage, and fiercely independent. I’m a deep thinker, no illegitimate kids, or a bunch of baby mamas running around. I’ve never taken a dime from public assistance and I proudly served in the Army Reserves.

I say this so that people can have a sense of the kind of person I am and am not. I do not throw the race card around easily. There’s a sense of responsibility that needs to be adhered to when you decide to drop that down during a discussion. It’s not fair or even just to scream racism when something may have nothing to do with it. In the end you end up being the boy who cried wolf and any opinions you may have on related issues mean very little to anyone.

So what got me writing this blog was the recent Dunn murder case. Dunn got into an argument with some teens in an SUV over their loud music while at the gas station. In the end he fired into the SUV, got into his car, left the scene and drove to his hotel room, and called it a night. He was arrested and put on trial all while he claimed it was self-defense. In the end he was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder while the jury was hung on the murder charge.

As I’ve served on jury member on a few occasions I understand the difficulty of it all but how the fuck do you find him guilty on attempted murder but can’t find him guilty of murder which is all done in the same act? He was either lawful in discharging his weapon or he wasn’t. There’s no in between.

The verdict in and of itself bothered me but what really struck me was the analysts who felt that the Prosecution didn’t humanize the victim enough. Why the fuck would a victim need to be humanized? Why would anyone need to be painted in a certain light for you to value their live’s, especially a child!

As many advances as we have made as a nation we are far behind where we should be, or more accurately where we could be if it wasn’t for our stubborn ability to hang on to our prejudices. As much as things have improved since the 60s when it comes to how blacks and minorities in general are treated in this country there still seems to be a deep-seated negative view of us.

Just look at the news. How often do you see positive stories of minorities versus how often are we the suspect of crimes? Better yet, how often do missing minority kids make the news airways? Rarely are they ever minorities yet a slew of them go missing every day. The lack of these stories devalues our importance to America as if the only ones worth looking for are the white kids.

I don’t need preferential treatment, EBT cards, or any other government program that you feel we are all mooching off of. What I do need is for people to take off these hate filled fear mongering glasses.

Girl Scout Drugs

You may have seen them. They’re cute and all decked out in their little Girl Scout uniforms, usually hanging out at the entrance to big chain stores. For some reason it’s almost always your local Walmart, using their innocent ways to peddle their drugs. You might think that this is a harsh view but it’s true. The Girl Scouts are pushing their drugs through their miniature dealers right into our grubby little hands. They guilt trip you through family members and coworkers. One box is never just one box is it? It’s NEVER ENOUGH!!

If I’m going to be completely honest with you I think they are a terrorist organization who has been put together with evil intentions to make Americans fat, or better put fatter. If I was a terrorist it would be the perfect plot. Why bother putting bombs on buses, in train stations, or blowing yourselves up. That’s just stupid. All they need to do is push some kids out there to the willing American public who are perfectly fine with participating and funding your diabetes infested evil plot.

In the end they will transform us into round defenseless butterballs like in Wall-E then just walk right in, plant a flag right in one of our rolls, and rename the country. Is that what you want, is it?!?

No kids!


People constantly ask when we are going to have kids. Perhaps I will, perhaps I wont, but at the end of the year this is often how I feel.

Another year is complete of not having a child mooching off my hard-earned work. I have yet to experience being peed on by an infant, cleaning shit off its ass, or annoying people on Facebook with my constant kid posts.