Geez, You’re such an Askhole..

I’m genuinely tired and annoyed by certain people in my life. People who’s lives are constantly in chaos and in need of advice. By no means is this a new trend for me, I’ve always been someone friends came to for advice. It’s something I enjoy doing for people and I’m good at it.

Now the problem is, too many of them are askholes by nature. Not assholes, all though some of them are, but I mean askholes. Urban Dictionary defines it as a person who constantly ask for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them!

These askholes, usually love to talk your fuckin ear off about the same bullshit problems they’ve had for months, if not years. “Oh, you met another man at the club, huh. You let him fuck soon there after and now your relationship fell apart? Interesting.” “Ohhhh, so you can’t keep a job. Perhaps you keep your damn mouth closed, and do as your told.”

You spend time setting people up with some great advice, and this fuckin askhole does the complete fucking opposite. Why in the fuck did you even bother asking me? The reason I’m using fuck alot, is because after this askhole failed themselves, by taking their own advice. They come back, giving you an update on their epic sized failure, asking for more advice. Well askhole, do us both a favor and just do the opposite of what you would normally do then get back to me in a month.

Damn askholes!

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