People in Cars

People in cars are horrible. Much like comedian Louis CK says in his most recent stand up HBO Special, LouisCK: OhMyGod. It just seems that our values change, once that car door shuts behind us. I’m not one for road rage, I have my smart ass comments, but that’s just the way I am. But now, I’ve run into people, who if outside of their car, would NEVER say or do half of the things they do.

A while back a woman cut me off, I honked out of frustration, and she had the nerve to give me the finger. Most recently I got into the right lane in a parking lot which was for right hand turns. There was a guy in the left lane for left turns. This guy thought I somehow cut him off and starting honking and screaming inside of his car. Once he pulled up next to me at the next light, gave me the look like he had a problem. I always remain calm, but if I was a different person, or if this was Sony Playstation’s Grand Theft Auto, I’d yank the assholes out through their windows for shits and giggles.

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