Gay Equality

Currently one of the most controversial topics in America is Gay Rights. To me it’s not even an issues, I have too many gay friends and family members for me to treat them as second class citizens. Being a minority, and knowing the history of my people how can I now, put another group of people through that same torment. Separate but equal is a travesty, a disgusting act of self-preservation, that cannot be tolerated, or permitted to exist.

That’s exactly what civil unions are. It’s the water fountain around back, away from whites, that blacks were permitted to drink from. It’s the degrading fact that you aren’t valued enough as a member of society to be housed under the same roof. There are states today, in which you can be fired for being gay, while that same state demands taxes from you, yet won’t defend your right to own your sexual identity.

All this over religion? Didn’t the settlers come here for religious freedoms, the right to express their faith without prosecution? Knowing this, shouldn’t we now allow others the freedom to live free of religious prosecution.

The Lord has many things to be disappointed in me about, but I refuse to allow being bigoted and hateful to be one of those reasons. So when he/she stands across from me and reads that long laundry list of sin, I’ll stand tall, knowing I showed compassion, and love to my neighbor, as if he was my own brother.

Same Love..

One response to “Gay Equality

  1. I don’t see why the person someone wants to love is the business of anyone else. Love IS love. Simple.

    As for religion and God, in my book, they are two different things. Religion was made by men to control people. God IS love.

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