Joakim Noah

I’m not a huge basketball fan anymore, not like I was when I was a kid. Now I just tend to get into it around the Playoffs. That’s probably more due to my need to cheer against the Heats than anything, but that’s another story. This season’s Playoffs have been exceptionally entertaining, especially with how the Bulls have been playing. Derrick Rose is still sitting on his ass while his team hobbles onto the court and fights for their playoff future.

One of the guys that’s been fun to watch is Joakim Noah. Guy has plantar fasciitis, can barely walk, yet makes his presence known like a true champion. I love that fighting spirit. Something else I’ve really grown to like is his honesty during a press conference. This clip was a breath of fresh air. So often these athletes try to be so P.C. out of need for endorsements, or fear of being fined by their leagues, that you get the same cookie cutter bullshit answers game after game.

No need to be angry all the time, but letting your personality out a bit goes a long way. Joakim Noah, you are now one of my favorite athletes. Thank you.

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