Case of the walking Gun

First off, I’m not a gun owner, but I enjoy having the right to purchase one if I see the need to. I’m not “likes to fight guy”, nor am I a gun nut. I’ve served in the United States Army, I’m martial artist, a democrat, liberal on some issues and conservative on others.

Now, I could care less if you have a different set of opinions, even if they are vastly different from my own. What I really enjoy is a good debate, a nicely worded argument for your cause. Instead I see people losing all form of common sense, and just spouting complete and utter bullshit. Usually from both sides but, when it comes to this debate, it’s more from the left. Here is some of the ridiculous shit my poor innocent ears have been forced to listen to.

Only cops should have guns? With all due respect to the uniform, have you seen your average cop? Your putting your safety in the hands of an individual who’s poorly trained, and can’t even defend himself against diabetes? No thank you good reader, I’ll pass.

Another of my favorites is, guns kill people. A friend of mine was told by a protester that his gun kills kids. Wait, you mean, that while I was here talking to you, that gun I left at home, tucked away in that safe of mine, had another gun bring him a file hidden in a yummy cake. He accepted said cake, secretly knowing there was a tool hidden inside, then cunningly waited until I went to work. While at work, he grew legs then made his daring escape. All with the diabolical intention of rushing off and shooting the first child it saw. Then rushing back into the safe, before I got home. Really?

Well.. in all honestly, it’s not like I was at home to actually disprove whether or not the gun grew legs. What do I know, maybe the guy was right.

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