80s Baby

Walking around campus, I’ve noticed hints of the 80s in how people dress. Kinda interesting, I was an “80s Baby”, so it’s kind of fun to see but I’m over some of it already. There’s no need for brightly colored sunglasses and hats with snaps in the back to be resurrected. It looked stupid then, and it doesn’t look any better now.

With that said, I have fond memories of my childhood. Who doesn’t remember the Transformers or Thundercats? That was some bad as shit! You know what else was bad ass, GI Joes!! Well, until one of their thumbs or inner o-ring broke. Then I turned into a surgeon/mechanic in order to fix them.

I still remember Charles in Charge, Teddy Ruxpin, and that theater pervert Pee-Wee Herman. How about the Smurfs, why was there only one female in the entire town, horrible image for young girls everywhere. I still dont know what the hell a Care Bear is, and to this day, I want no part of it. They weird me out, almost as much as see Micheal Jackson as a black man in Thriller.

Never did get those Reebok Pumps, maybe I would have been able to dunk, if I had ever got a pair. Nevermind I’m currently only 5’4″. Would have been great to get my hands on those Super Mario mushrooms, and doubled in size. What kind of message was that? “Here, eat ‘shrooms, they make you stronger.” I loved the NES, I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to save the Princess, or how many times Mike Tyson knocked me out with just two blows, in Mike Tyson Punch-Out. Anyone who says they ever beat Mike, is a fuckin lier!

You know what I miss most? Casette tapes! Two wheels, some tape, encased inside some plastic, offered great memories. There was no setting a song on replay, by simply hitting a button. You had to hit rewind and kind of guess where you were before hitting play. Nothing like working for your music, no downloading shit off the internet, or having a friend burn you a CD. If you wanted to get the latest song, and didn’t want to wait for the album release, guess what you did.

You snuck into your parents old tapes and snatched one, cover the end with some scotch tape, then slammed that shit into your tape deck. I would wait around to the top songs of the day were played, then press record. Yeah, now when you play the tape again, you can hear the DJ at the start and end of every song, but that shit adds character to the song.

As great as today is, I do miss aspects of the 80s.

All sweet, sweet, memories.

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