Participation Medals

I hate kid’s participation medals with a passion. What’s the point really? Oh you participated in a sport and got your ass kicked, by all means, here have a medal. What does that do for anyone involved. If you were the better competitor, and beat everyone in your field, doesn’t it cheapen your accomplishment?

What’s it do for the losers? I know, I know, we shouldn’t call little Johnny a loser, it hurts his self-esteem. Between you and I, we both know in this event he was a loser. He got his ass handed to him and barely put up a fight.

Chances are, little Johnny didn’t work hard, the other kid did. Perhaps the other kid didn’t work hard, but was just genetically gifted. I don’t even care, it doesn’t matter.

The problem with kid’s participation medals is, there’s no drive. It doesn’t push you to get better, all it does is coddle the weak, allowing them to remain weak. It shows little Johnny, that he is entitled to a medal, regardless of the outcome.

The bitter taste of being beaten, or seeing another kid, get a prize that could have been yours, should be fuel. As parents and coaches, we should pat them on the back for trying. Encourage them to prepare and do better next time, but not hand them a fuckin medal for doing a shitty job..

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