Why are Kids Such P*****S?

Dont get me wrong, I like kids. Not enough to have my own at the moment, but I really do like kids. There’s usually a genuine quality to them, that you often don’t see in adults.

With that being said, why are they such pussies? I’ll say this, I’m sure every generation says it about the next, so by no means will I be the first to do so, but children today just seem as if they are made of glass. I understand it’s more social than anything. Parents feel the need to over protect them, to a degree in which it becomes harmful.

As a kid, the only rules I remember living by were, don’t hit your brother, and be home when the street lights come on. My mom often time’s had no idea where we had gone, we just went. She of course wanted to know where we went, but we just had no idea’s where our adventures would go.

We were explorers, athletes, pro wrestlers, stuntmen, sprinters, soldiers, and sometimes fighters. Sometimes we played house, but that was just because we had a crush on a girl, not because it was something we enjoyed. But the point is, we experienced life away from the gaze of our parents.

We played with bugs and never washed our hands. We jumped fences, and climbed up on roofs, got scrapes and cuts, but never bothered treating the wounds. We did a lot of stupid shit, A LOT! Sometimes we got in trouble, sometimes shit got serious, but we learned from it all.

Look at the kids around you, so many of them can’t go down the street without an escort. There’s no imagination, they stay indoors, don’t bother with exercise, and become fat little butter-balls afraid to live life. Their lives are sanitized, and in a constant state of comfort.

It’s a shame and I honestly fear for them as they reach adulthood..

2 responses to “Why are Kids Such P*****S?

  1. You obviously haven’t met my kids. These kids are constantly fighting ,climbing, jumping from ceiling fans and throwing shit at each other. They’d make a grown man look like a pussy lol!

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