Fat Cops

Being a police officer is one of the most difficult jobs out there. You have to deal with life and death situations every day, dealing with a bunch of assholes can’t be fun. Every decision you make gets second guessed by superiors and the public alike. You have to make split second actions that can cost you, your career or life. Again it’s not a job I want, not one I could handle for too long.

But, I can’t stand fat cops. I just can’t, it’s a fuckin shame and a form of disrespect to the uniform. They shouldn’t even make uniforms that big to be honest. Every time I see one in person or on tv, my wife has to hear me rant about how much of a disaster he is as a supposes protector of the weak.

I was in the Army, there was a physical fitness standard that we had to live by, why? Because in order to defend a country you have to be in shape, you can’t be moving to the front lines with your belly and your tits giggling about with an M-16 in hand. That’s a pathetic image of America. How would it look for us to go to another country and roll off the planes with beer guts and doubles chins? “Oh, those are the great American fighters everyone speaks of?”

So what if I was having my house broken into, and King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-out, plops out of his squad car, and saunters over to my house as the assailant flees. You think that motherfucker is going to catch the guy who just stole my laptop, filled with all the music I’ve illegally downloaded over the years? Of course not. All that hard work goes to shit.

Who the fuck is he going to protect?! How is there no standard in place for these people? How the hell is it that criminals have better fitness than the professionals? Until things get better, I’ll keep ranting about these embarrassments to the badge.

One response to “Fat Cops

  1. Preach, except I can’t stand fat people full stop. Drain on the health service, someone cut of their oxygen supplies

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