Kids are Assholes

I’m 32 and have no kids, trust me, a lot of that is just by sheer luck. I could have easily been a father years ago, but here I am into my 30s, married, and still debating on whether we want to have some or not. Depending on the day, we like the idea of having a child, and then just as quickly oppose it. I can honestly take it or leave it. Why you ask, because kids are assholes.

Yea, pretty brutal, but it’s true. They’re little terrorists who infiltrate your home, sometimes unwanted, sometimes planned, but once they’re there you can’t get rid of them. When it starts, they’re cute and cuddly. You find yourself enjoying their presence, then they slowly begin to change. No one knows when it happens, but there they are, mouthing off, eating your food, and asking for shit.

I can easily blame the parents, but I’d rather just call kids assholes. They’re so damn ungrateful, and just expect everything to be given to them. So many of them are disrespectful, what happen to sir and ma’am? What happen to fuckin working for shit? What happen to just being grateful?

Assholes, I tell you, assholes!

2 responses to “Kids are Assholes

  1. I just laughed and I needed that. My little arsehole got me out of bed at 3am this morning , then somehow kicked me out of mine and then fell asleep for 3 hours….that’s just shit and that’s just the way it is sometimes. Don’t blame the parents too much – there is sometimes only so much anyone can take, If they piss you off too much at least you can leave or ask them too. Perhaps you need to get a dog and leave it at that !! Thanks for the post. You have made a crap day – funny.

    • Hahaha!!! Thanks, and you’re welcome. Oh and you’re the first comment I’ve ever had. Thank you.

      I actually like kids, oddly enough. Just been seeing too many spoiled kids.

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