Odd Friends

I have the oddest collection of friends, that I’ve ever had at any moment in my life. We argue, insult each other, and crack jokes. I’ve worked in warehouses for the last 8 or 9 years and in the process found some interesting individuals to say the least.

At my last job I had 2 people I was exceptionally close to, we would joke about shit, and boundaries were always pushed. One day I couldn’t tell you why, we all decided to send each other pictures of our shit. Why, who the fuck does that? Do you or any of your friends? Of course not, why, because it’s fuckin disgusting! So here I was taking a picture of my crap, and texting it away for shits and giggles.

Jiu Jitsu buddies, that should say it all right there. Anyone who decides to put on a pair of pajamas, and wrestles one another is probably a bit odd. This sport I’m a part of is a wrestling submission based martial art, with no striking involved. There’s no striking involved but there’s plenty of awkward positions, smelly motherfuckers, and sexually erotic innuendoes thrown around. For us being a bunch of straight men, we joke around a lot about how much we love being in each other’s loving embraces, or if someone needs a shower buddy. Weird.

I have a group of buddies that I’ve met through various social media groups, who exist just to offend or belittle each other. In the time-honored tradition of manhood, we make fun of one another, with few things being out-of-bounds. Things that would be labeled racist, easily find themselves into everyday conversation. It’s not for the faint of heart, and we like it that way.

One of my buddies who has a horrible temper, and I remember one time we were playing a boxing game called Fight Night, online. We would talk a lot of shit to one another in the process, being that we are both so competitive. In this particular fight I believe I was losing, my shitty fighter was gassed, and close to being knocked out. I remember my buddy getting closing in, and out of nowhere, I gave him a low blow. Then another, which resulted in my DQ. This motherfucker flipped out in front of his wife, in a fit of pure Mexican anger, all because I robbed him of the glory of knocking me out. If I remember correctly, he snapped his game in half.

Just my strange, odd, collection of friends.

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