Unattractive Things Women Do..

Unattractive things women do, that they THINK is attractive to men. I’ve been seeing alot of really unattractive shit that you ladies do, apparently for us. Haven’t the slightest idea where you got these crazy ideas but please stop.


What in the fuck is this?! If one of you ladies is into doing this, or anything remotely close to it please explain to me why? Has there ever been a man in history, who received one of these pictures, and thought, “ohh yea, duck face, that’s what I’m talking about.” Has a man ever had the courage to tell the woman who sent them, what he really thought?


Here’s another thing women do that they think is remotely hot, taking pictures in the bathroom. Ladies, I’m going to put this as kindly as I can. Bathrooms should only be for shitting, peeing, showering, brushing teeth, fixing your make up, occasionally to masturbate, but mainly just for shitting. Not for taking pictures, specially when I can see the toilet behind you.


How in the blue hell, am I supposed to take this look seriously? You shave your eyebrows off, just to draw them back? To top it of, you can’t even draw. How am I supposed to correctly react to anything you say, when the look on your face is now one of permanent confusion?

Just a few things we wish you guys would stop doing. PLEASE!

3 responses to “Unattractive Things Women Do..

  1. Personally I like the shot where the chick is all whorish and trying to be sexy while her toddler begs for a diaper change in the background

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