NFL Game, Why Bother?

I’m a huge football junkie. Doesn’t matter who’s playing, I can sit down and enjoy the game for what it is. Some games are boring, but I just have a passions for the sport. Having a fantasy player in such a game probably adds to the interest for me, but I honestly dislike going to live games.

I know, I know, I know, I know, what football fan actually says that. I do, it’s a shitty investment. Just to get cheap, shitty, nosebleed seats, it’ll cost me $70+.. EACH! I’m way to cheap, possibly even broke, to pay to park at the stadium, let alone deal with maze which is that clusterfuck of a parking arrangement. So I have to leave the house hours in advance to make it there in time.

Taking the trolley is fine enough, it’s usually clean, and well maintained. The problem is having to stand, nuts to buts, next to a bunch of beered up football fans. No there’s never a cute chick, that you’re “forced” to press yourself against. It’s always some fat slob.

If you’re smart, you will have already eaten. If not, you better be prepared to take out a small loan just to feed you and your spouse. Oh, you decided against all common sense, and brought the kids. Why on earth would you do that? Is the football experience, one for the kids to begin with? Unless you want your kids to pick up some, fuck, shits, and damns, much like this blog, you should keep your kids away.

I can’t afford a beer, I can barely see the action, my seats uncomfortable, and I have assholes screaming in my ear about how shitty the refs are. Seats are so bad, I see more violence in the stands near me than I do on the field, which is both entertaining and worrisome.

Now why would I bother going through all this trouble, when I can just stay at home, and watch it all in HD. It’s far cheaper, no drama, no waiting for the bathroom, and the only people I have to put up with are the players that I’m paying to watch.

NFL, you can have your stadium experience, I’ll stay at home.

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