3 responses to “Greatest Intro Ever!

  1. It’s true. He made quite the entrance when I was young.
    (Did you realize that the word “entrance” and “enTRANCE” (as in “put someone in a trance”)) are spelled the same? Interesting)

    We get quite a few hits from people trying to figure out where Warrior is now. Turns out he’s making political rants and has changed his name to “Warrior” officially. http://funnynamesblog.com/2013/03/13/warrior/

      • Yeah, he’s a weird guy. But we already knew that from his promos. A lot of impressive-sounding words, but no logic to tie them together!

        I’m going to make up a warrior promo right now:

        “And then, when the galaxies open up and shine down light and justice from the heavens above, you will step on the pedal and the trigger will ignite, for all those who share the sacrifice of the Warrior, whose ventricles pump pure power, and rage exists to return the favor of those who strayed from parts unknown.”

        I think the bicep tassels may have cut off some of the circulation to the sentence formation part of his brain 🙂

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