QB Lebron James?

For some odd reason former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann believes that Lebron James could be a good quarterback in the NFL. With all due respect, I know Lebron is one of the gifted basketball players to ever put on a jersey. The man does things that others couldn’t even dream of doing, but to think that guy is going to step off a fuckin basketball court and onto a football field and be successful is idiotic.

I would love to work him out and also serve as his agent. I’ll go wherever he wants this summer. He could play another four years in the NBA before seriously trying the NFL. There are not a lot of 38- or 39-year-old basketball players, but there are 38- and 39-year-old quarterbacks, so there’s always time for him.

I don’t know if Theismann is just trying to get his name out there, create some buzz, or whatever, but how the fuck is James just going to pick up a position he has no experience doing. He’s not Superman, I know we like to think he is, but he’s not. What’s the point of even making such a claim anyways?

We don’t even have the slightest fuckin idea if he can throw with any accuracy. If it was that easy Tebow would still be doing it, but that fucker doesn’t even have a job. Why? Because he has issues hitting a moving target. If being a great athlete was the major key for QB success, we would just convert our best players to the position and call it a fuckin day. It just doesn’t work that way, and I would think that a former quarterback would have more insite on that.

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