The Purge

This movie actually look pretty interesting, what I like most is that it’s different. It’s an odd perspective to social issues in America. Would it actually work, probably not. None the less it got me thinking. If the Purge was in effect and for one night all crime was legal, would you take advantage of it? If so what would you do?

Rules are a social construct, something created to keep civility in societies. It’s a great idea, I don’t want anyone taking my shit, or murdering my family members. But, there’s some part of us all that craves breaking the fuckin rules. We all do at some point, its’ kind of freeing to do whatever the fuck you want sometimes. Why else do you think women are attracted to bad boys. There’s power in not allowing society to dictate to you, what you can or can’t do.

Out of all the things I would be able to do that night, the priority would be to take a dump in public. Don’t judge me, I’m sharing something very intimate right now with you, so don’t be an asshole. Socially we have to hide when we shit. Sit in a stall, behind a fortress of locks, because we are so embarrassed by the smells and sounds. We wipe, then spray some crappy air freshener to cover up the murderous crime scene we were just a part of.

Well on the night of the Purge, I will purge in the middle of the street. Maybe on the hood of someones car, perhaps on a coworkers desk, or someones front porch. I don’t know and don’t care, but I will not be held within your social boundaries. Don’t get me wrong, I will steal some shit too, but my goal will be to shit, and shit often.

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