What if you were President?

A lot of people bash the President with such anger, we have all done it, and I’m not being specific to the current Prez. This isn’t a discussion about who’s in power and if I like them or not. This is more about, what kind of a shitty job, you or I would do.

Lets picture your crappy job. Some of you will say, no my job doesn’t suck. Yea of course it doesn’t, at some point you’ve hated that job. Dont lie to me, whether it be the job itself, or your coworkers. Lets think about how stressful that job is, the finger-pointing, the blame game, and angry customers. Now magnify that by a 100, or maybe a 1,000. I don’t really know what the equivalent is, but just magnify it by a shit ton. You think you would be able to handle the weight of being president? Quite a bit of you are drinking yourselves to sleep every night and having nightmares about your bosses now. Imagine if your boss was the American people.

There is no fuckin way, that I would be able to keep control of myself well enough. My language alone would be an issue. The media would asked about some kind of controversy on national TV and I would just respond with, “Fuck you!” You think that would fly well to the American public? Probably not.

Oh don’t let an attack happen on my watch. That’s the last thing my administration would want me to handle. Once we found out who was involved, I’d probably get on camera, and threaten them. Not the typical, we will bring you to justice statement. I would threaten someone like you would if you were on the streets. “[insert group here] I will find you, and I will fuck your life up!” That might go over well with some but with others that’s not how a president should act.

I’d probably also hire unqualified individuals, friends and family members, who have no business representing me, let alone the country.

So in the end I’m sure I’d make for a shitty president, how well would you do? May too much pressure, not enough support, and very few people could even begin to understand what the job is like.

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