A Man’s Mind in 140..

I’ve been on twitter for some time now, and have learned my way around. But if I’m going to be honest, it’s one of the weirdest fuckin social media sites out there. If a woman has ever wanted to know what it was like, to be in a man’s mind, join twitter. Nothing is off-limits, it’s a lawless, barren land, filled with the most random vulgar thoughts. The strangest aspect of this cesspool, is that there’s no restriction on any of it. Well, aside from the amount of characters you can use.

140 is almost perfect. Much like when women decide to talk our ears off, we just tune you out completely. If women kept their shit to under 140 characters on a regular basis we wouldn’t feel the need to stop paying attention. We wouldn’t get that stupid glazed look on our faces, then respond with huh, when you asked us a question.

It’s a weird set up, but no one is going to tell me it’s not modeled after a man’s mind.

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