He stepped on it!!

Before I start on my rant, let me say this. I’m a second generation Army vet. My cousin is in the Special Forces, I have many in-laws in the Marines. A fair amount of my Jiu Jitsu training partners are former service members also, so perhaps I may be taking this harder than some of you might.

I think the US flag (And the Puerto Rican flag for that matter) is one of the most beautiful symbols, one that’s near and dear to me. So much so, that when I drive past the National cemetery on my way to train, I solute. That doesn’t make me a better person or anything, it’s just my sign of respect for the flag and those who died for it.

I’m all for freedom of speech, and your right to act like a fuckin moron. By all means get together and protest, scream to the heavens for your cause, but do not burn my flag. Do not spit on my fuckin flag. Do not throw my flag on the fuckin ground, and walk all over it. Too many men and women have died for your right to even be able to think that, that shit was a good idea.

When I saw this video, it further proved why I dislike this asshole. It’s bad enough he portrays some kind of Blood in Hip-Hop. He’s a fake ass gangster, who’s cultivated an image based on lies, just to sell records, and he can’t even do that anymore. So here he is, resorting to being shocking.

Well, fuck you and everything you stand for. I oddly have to urge to choke you out with your own braids. Fuck off asshole, and choke on a bag of dicks while you’re at it.

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