North West.. Seriously?

If I was president I’d create an agency dedicated to stop people from naming their off spring dumbass names. I don’t know what I would call this agency, but it would know what not to call your fuckin kids. Once you’re 18 and want to change your name to whatever, so be it. The man known as the Ultimate Warrior changed his to Warrior. Yea, he looks like a fuckin moron, but hell he showed the WWE a thing or two about his dedication to his fictional character.

No one in their fuckin mind, should be allowed to call their kid DeWanna Bonner. Why would you do that to her?! Snicker and laugh all you want, maybe you doubt me. Look her up. This isn’t a fictional character, some off the wall adult actor, that came up with a clever play on words. No, this is a WNBA player who plays for Phoenix Mercury. Do you know what kind of a life that poor woman had to live thanks to her horrible parents. Walking through the halls during high school and hearing all the cat calls. “Hey, DeWanna Bonner?” I love freedoms, but I’d be a shitty President if I allowed that to happen.

While watching the history channel, there was a man named, Capt. Hyman Shocker. While we all see the humor in this gentlemen’s name, it’s inappropriate. This guy couldn’t work in an office as an administrative assistant. What company would ever hire him? Yeah you bring him in for an interview just to ask him about it, maybe you snicker in the middle of the interview, but you will never hire him.

So these two dumbasses, Kim and Kanye, decide to be “clever” and name their child, North West? Someone in that cooky family didn’t discourage these two from punishing their child for the rest of her life? I would agree it’s no where near as bad as DeWanna Bonner, but good lord, lets use some common sense.



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