Worst Alleged Murderer..

I’m stunned at the stupidity of Aaron Hernandez. I’m no career criminal, who runs a criminal empire of any sort. Nor do I have experience as a police detective. What I do have is common fuckin sense. And most importantly, I have cable. I’ve seen my share of police dramas, and have gathered a working knowledge of crime and police work.

I do know I can’t be seen with the victim. I can’t commit said alleged crime with a car rental that’s in MY NAME! I can’t commit the crime with my cell phone in close proximity. Dummy, they triangulate that shit! I also know, you might as well have left the victim on your drive way, numb nuts.

This guys was as lazy and cavalier about the crime as he was about covering it up. Turning in your smashed security system and cell phone really threw them off of the trail, didn’t it? You sir are the worst alleged murderer in the history of the NFL, and thank God for that. When they make a Law and Order episode about you, all they’ll need is about 15-20 minutes to figure out who the perp was.

What’s worse is, you had it made. All you had to do was stay out of your own way and live a decent life away from crime. Instead here you are being lead out of your house looking like a moron.

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