And I Survived..

I’ve covered this topic before, but I felt a need to cover it again. Stop sanitizing your kid’s environment. Let them fall, skin their knee, and fail at shit. Life isn’t all colorful rainbows coming out of your ass. It’s ok to letting them feel what it feels like to fail.

While you’re at it, let them be a little daring. They can’t learn everything by being told no, sometimes you step back and let the little fuckers fail. Yes, fail.

Here’s a run down of shit we did and didn’t do as kids. We didn’t wash our hands as much as we probably should have, there was no hand sanitizer. You just rubbed your eyes with our filthy little hands and went about your fuckin day.

My dad had two pairs of boxing gloves. My brother and I, would go in one of our rooms and proceed to beat the shit out of each other, until one of use got a headache and quit. Honestly, we’re lucky one of us hasn’t started slurring our speech like Rocky Balboa.

We jumped off of second story balconies, there was so reason for us doing it. We just did it because it was something to fuckin do. We played football in the middle of the street, and we had enough common sense to move the fuck out of the way when a car needed to come through.

As kids, we were huge professional wrestling fans, and yes we tried that shit at home. We body slammed each other on grass, dropped elbows, and performed every finisher known to man. I remember one time I went for the Hulk Hogan Leg Drop and knocked the wind out of a kid I was friends with. It was perfectly executed, and I could have gotten the three count, if I didn’t feel bad about his wheezing and gasping for air.

The lesson here is, yes, they will get hurt. They will make mistakes, and they will end up with a cool scar or two. It’s life. It’s how we learn. Let the little fuckers live a little.

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