Two Sides..

With everything going on with the Zimmerman trial, people have chosen sides, each saying that the other party is lying about one thing or the other. We cling to key pieces of evidence, while discarding others in order to validate our support. With all things being equal, is it remotely possible that both sides are right?


It’s raining, dark, and my hoodie is shielding me from the rain. The streets are desolate, all a hear is her voice and my own footsteps. My ear buds are in, a casual conversation going back and forth. I’m headed home after getting a snack from a convenient store near my dad’s house.

I hear his foot steps, my conversation with her continues. Is he following me? I don’t know what this creepy motherfucker wants, why is he getting so closer? The hairs on my neck stand up, we exchange words. I don’t know what the fuck he wants, just back the fuck up, he’s too close.

I throw a punch, it lands, and before we know it we are rolling on the ground fighting. I got mount and I’m not letting up. I don’t know what this motherfucker wants. He’s bleeding, now he’s screaming..


The sounds of rain mix with what’s coming out of my car speakers. It’s dark, the streets bare of life. I see a form emerging, tall, thin. The shadow cast by his hoodie blocks part of his face. What’s he doing out here, at this time a night and in the rain.

This fucker looks suspicious, is he talking to himself? There’s something wrong with this guy, he’s talking to himself. Is he on drugs? He seems shifty, I better call this in. No, there’s no way I’m going to just sit here, while this shit head gets away. Fuck that.

My door shuts behind me, my footsteps are as loud as his against the wet pavement. He looks back. I’m making up the distance, it’s dark. He’s not going to get away with this. My heart’s racing. Finally words are exchanged, why’s he getting so defensive? What the fuck does he have to hide?

He hits me, we’re rolling on the cold pavement and grass. He’s mounted me, my head is against the cement. Am I bleeding, I think my nose is broken, fuck. Is he going for my gun..

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