This generation of amateur photographers is surely going to be made fun of, when the next generation looks back at our photos. What our children are going to wonder, is why the fuck did you guys take pictures of your food so much? Who was so fascinated by the arrangement of your plated food, that you felt the need to share?

What’s even more embarrassing than our love affair with taking pictures of our meals, is taking pictures of ourselves while in our bathrooms. Theres nothing sexier than a chick standing in front of her mirror, holding up her cell phone to take a picture of her reflection, in the very place she takes shits.

Again, this is the same place she takes shits, farts, washes the funk of her body, and switches out her tampons. It’s probably the least sexy location, in your entire house. If you really wanna get a guy’s attention, put on a cute outfit, get yourself in the kitchen and take pictures of yourself cooking or making a sandwich. Damn I love a good sandwich.


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