China & Their Fart Smellers..

So.. in China they have professional fart sniffers. People who get paid, to smell your ass. Maybe it’s not your ass, maybe they can just be in the vicinity and just take a whiff. Not really sure how the profession works, but they do this and are able to diagnose health issues in the process.

I can picture it now. “Yes sir, I’m ready. Go ahead and fart. Ah yes, there’s something going on here. Please, can you fart again, I just wanna make sure.” What the fuck?

Again, I don’t fuckin know how or what exactly they are searching for in the oder, but this is why China sort of owns us. Their willingness to make money, at all costs.

The article I came across said that these people make $50K/US a year!!!!! 50 fuckin K to smell someone’s ass. How is it we have unemployed people here in America, if we can just train them to fuckin smell people’s assholes all day?

One response to “China & Their Fart Smellers..

  1. I wrote a blog about people smelling farts to continue to hoax about climate change and how it’s all the methane gas from farts are to blame for global warming. So, stop poppings and save the world!!!!

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