College Sports

So Johnny Manziel looks like he’s going to get busted for selling his autographs. That’s complete bullshit. I understand the school can not pay these players. One of the rules being that you would have to pay all players equally which would get very costly. Trust me I get that, but who are you to tell me that I can’t sell my own shit on the side to make ends meet?

This isn’t specific to Manziel, he comes from money. What if I’m a player that needs to send money back home, you’re not allowing me to make an honest income? No way should a college or boosters be paying a player money or giving him gifts under the table. That shit is dirty, but just as dirty is the fact some greedy corporation aka the college system gets to tell me I can’t sell my signature on the side.

These college make MILLIONS off their likeness. This isn’t about keeping these athletes innocent. It’s about these colleges acting like pimps. If they aren’t getting a cut from it, they make the act illegal. The one and done rule is no different, the college system gets to make some money off the players before they rush off to the pros.

Fuckin ridiculous!

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