$15 per hr?!

The latest movement has been fast food workers striking and demanding that they get paid $15 an hour. Now let me say that I’m all for a decent wage and safe working conditions. No one should have to work in some unsafe shit hole. If you get hurt at work there should be some type of compensation. The company you work for owes you that much.

Now what the company and this country doesn’t owe you is $15 a fuckin hour for unskilled labor. Any dip shit with half a brain can work a fry machine and piece together shitty hamburgers for a living. You know how I know this? Because unskilled, uneducated, pimply faced hormonal teenagers have been doing it for decades. You and I both know how dumb those motherfuckers are.

I’ve never worked fast food, main reason being that I knew it fuckin sucked. I want no part of serving assholes for minimum wage but that’s what happens when you haven’t earned a degree or learned a trade. You work a shitty job for shitty pay. What bothers me about all this is a trend that’s destroying the fabric of America. People who instead of bettering their situation by improving themselves, they decide to stay in their shit hole and demand that the world hand them a better life.

There was a protester who was interviewed and stated that they had worked fast food for 21 years and are only making $8 an hour. If you have worked at a place for 21 fuckin years and are only making $8 an hour that shows me that chances are you’ve never been promoted. If you’ve never been promoted how the fuck are you worth $15 an hour?

Not only do I think you are not deserving of $15 an hour, what do you think will happen if they actually get it? Does that cost get passed down to the consumer? If so, how much will a fuckin happy meal cost? Don’t the rest of us then demand a pay increase so we are compensated for what we know? In the end once everyone else demands their pay increase wont that putt these fast food worker exactly back in the same position?

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