Gov Shutdowns, All the Rage..

Government shutdowns seem to be all the rage these days. They’re in style, much like basketball players wearing nerdy glasses with no lenses. It looks just as foolish and twice as idiotic. If I labeled myself anything it would be a Democrat, but I’m unhappy with both parties. Neither of the two seem to have my best interest at heart, they’re too busy fighting with one another to realize what exactly I need as an American.

As an American I’d enjoy a balanced budget. It would be great if the country I love wasn’t in debt to a country I buy my cheap shit from. It would also be great if the two dominant political parties weren’t at each others throats like rival street gangs arguing over what set owns what block.

I just want some common sense individuals who can hash out their differences without holding American wallets as bargaining chips when a deadline is looming. What makes all this worse, is that these clowns are still getting paid! How is it that your decisions never affect you guys negatively, just everyone else.

If you feel so strongly about your convictions put your money where your mouth is and go with out pay.


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