My life as a Thug

I started playing Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA) recently and I LOVE it!!! It’s so much fun. You get to great your character and do pretty much whatever you want. In real life I dislike the possibility of prison so I adhere to the laws of the land. But my life as a thug on GTA online is a very creative one. I rob people, I steal cars, and run my victims over just because I can.

Now the downside of it all is the morons who’ve taken to the mic and bicker over the dumbest shit. The most recent argument I had to endure was two guys going back and forth about who was “richer”. One guy said he had $5 million in the bank, the other didn’t believe him.

Now if we were talking real cash I’ll listen, but that wasn’t the case. These two idiots were arguing about fake GTA online cash in a fake GTA online bank account.

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