Fat Shaming?


This picture seems to be making it’s way through the internet and created a heated debate. Those offended feel that this woman is fat shaming. Calling people out for not being healthy without knowing their personal situations. I somewhat understand that. If you have some serious medical situation of some sort just step aside, this has nothing to do with you.

This is for the majority of people who are offended by this picture. Those of you who don’t like honest and direct communication which is why you are the way you are. Someone touched upon a sensitive subject and you took offense so you now want to attack this woman for your own failures.

This is coming from someone who has lost 40 pounds and now competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at age 32. I haven’t been fit all my life, I came from a place where I was much like you. The difference is I don’t make excuses for why I am where I am.

I got off my ass and made better decisions for my life. I’m not looking for some magic pill, a fairy god mother, or a fuckin genie to pop up out of my ass and grant me health. I stood up, took responsibility for the life I was living and made changes. It’s about wanting health more than wanting to be lazy. NOTHING comes easy and NOTHING comes without sacrifice!

Sacrifice sleep for a workout. Sacrifice the best parking spot so you force yourself to walk more. sacrifice your soda for water, yea it doesn’t taste as good but it’s much better for you. Sacrifice your immediate satisfaction for long-term health.

Stop bashing this woman because she was able to do what you weren’t. Stop making excuses for why she can and you can’t.

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