I’m RICH!!!

I keep strange hours, I like to wake up early get a work out in, read, watch tv, or play video games. As of late I’ve been playing GTA Online. This morning was a morning to end all mornings.

I woke up to my character walking around with over a million dollars in cash. Blurry eyed I thought it was a hundred thousand which would have been the stimulus package that Rockstar says it’s supposed to be giving people for all the problems the game had early on.

I get a little closer to the screen and think, wait.. is that a million?! Ummm.. When the fuck did that happen?! I immediately put it in the bank, by the time I got done doing that I had another million in cash. By the end of it all I ended up with over $4 million in the bank.

Apparently some guy was just giving money way to anyone who was around. I’m guessing he found a glitch and yes I know, maaaaaybe it’s cheating. At first I felt bad, I started looking around as if i was in some kind of sting operation. I don’t mean I looked around in the game, I mean I literally look to my left and right as if someone was watching and waiting for me to use the stolen funds.

After that initial guilty feeling washed off I remembered I’m a crook in the game, what the fuck else do they expect from an in-game criminal? So I bought a house with a 10 car garage, a new modified car, and made sure I saved.

Now don’t judge me asshole. With $4 mil in the bank I could have easily purchased an attack helicopter or tank and really fucked some shit up but I thought it was a bit much.

I do have some semblance of morality in this criminal world.

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