Girl Scout Drugs

You may have seen them. They’re cute and all decked out in their little Girl Scout uniforms, usually hanging out at the entrance to big chain stores. For some reason it’s almost always your local Walmart, using their innocent ways to peddle their drugs. You might think that this is a harsh view but it’s true. The Girl Scouts are pushing their drugs through their miniature dealers right into our grubby little hands. They guilt trip you through family members and coworkers. One box is never just one box is it? It’s NEVER ENOUGH!!

If I’m going to be completely honest with you I think they are a terrorist organization who has been put together with evil intentions to make Americans fat, or better put fatter. If I was a terrorist it would be the perfect plot. Why bother putting bombs on buses, in train stations, or blowing yourselves up. That’s just stupid. All they need to do is push some kids out there to the willing American public who are perfectly fine with participating and funding your diabetes infested evil plot.

In the end they will transform us into round defenseless butterballs like in Wall-E then just walk right in, plant a flag right in one of our rolls, and rename the country. Is that what you want, is it?!?

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