Colored Glasses


I am Puerto Rican of African decent raised in America. I’ve lived next to my African-American brothers and sisters experiencing a life that White America has never had to deal with. For some background on me I am not a gangbanger nor have I ever claimed a set. I’ve never been arrested, nothing so much as even a speeding ticket. I’m shy and well spoken, intelligent, ambitious, prideful in my heritage, and fiercely independent. I’m a deep thinker, no illegitimate kids, or a bunch of baby mamas running around. I’ve never taken a dime from public assistance and I proudly served in the Army Reserves.

I say this so that people can have a sense of the kind of person I am and am not. I do not throw the race card around easily. There’s a sense of responsibility that needs to be adhered to when you decide to drop that down during a discussion. It’s not fair or even just to scream racism when something may have nothing to do with it. In the end you end up being the boy who cried wolf and any opinions you may have on related issues mean very little to anyone.

So what got me writing this blog was the recent Dunn murder case. Dunn got into an argument with some teens in an SUV over their loud music while at the gas station. In the end he fired into the SUV, got into his car, left the scene and drove to his hotel room, and called it a night. He was arrested and put on trial all while he claimed it was self-defense. In the end he was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder while the jury was hung on the murder charge.

As I’ve served on jury member on a few occasions I understand the difficulty of it all but how the fuck do you find him guilty on attempted murder but can’t find him guilty of murder which is all done in the same act? He was either lawful in discharging his weapon or he wasn’t. There’s no in between.

The verdict in and of itself bothered me but what really struck me was the analysts who felt that the Prosecution didn’t humanize the victim enough. Why the fuck would a victim need to be humanized? Why would anyone need to be painted in a certain light for you to value their live’s, especially a child!

As many advances as we have made as a nation we are far behind where we should be, or more accurately where we could be if it wasn’t for our stubborn ability to hang on to our prejudices. As much as things have improved since the 60s when it comes to how blacks and minorities in general are treated in this country there still seems to be a deep-seated negative view of us.

Just look at the news. How often do you see positive stories of minorities versus how often are we the suspect of crimes? Better yet, how often do missing minority kids make the news airways? Rarely are they ever minorities yet a slew of them go missing every day. The lack of these stories devalues our importance to America as if the only ones worth looking for are the white kids.

I don’t need preferential treatment, EBT cards, or any other government program that you feel we are all mooching off of. What I do need is for people to take off these hate filled fear mongering glasses.

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