Over Protective

This is another one of my generational rants about parenting. Keep in mind these are the thoughts of a 33-year-old man who has yet to be a parent so in the end what the fuck do I know. Take what I say about parenting with a grain of salt if you want.


Dinners are important, some of the most vivid memories I had as a kid were of us having dinner together at the end of the day. It’s time to bond and talk about the things that are going on. It’s beautiful. It’s not that I don’t see enough family dinners now a days, what I see is parents making too many separate meals for everyone at the table. Fuck that! Stop catering to everyone. Their opinions don’t matter, they eat what you serve. You might as well get them ready for one of two things, prison or the military. Very distinctly different lifestyles where you rarely choose what’s for dinner.


Life’s dangerous and that’s why there are bandaids, peroxide, and medical insurance. Stop protecting them from all of life’s risks. There’s no need to coddle them every chance you get. Sometimes you need to let them fall after you’ve warned them. You don’t need to put kids on fuckin leashes. Let them slide down the slide head first, climb the trees in the back yard, or just explore in general. When they fall and you know it’s a little injury don’t baby them. Tell them to rub some dirt in it, drink water, and drive on.


That kid you spawned is bound to have to deal with bullies from now until adulthood. Those shitheads are everywhere so you can’t avoid them. Words aren’t always the best defense, telling on them doesn’t completely fix the issue and when neither of these work your kid needs to be prepared for the worst. The worst being beating the shit out of a kid who decided to invade the sovereign nation which is him/her. Parent’s who say violence is never the answer live in fantasy land and need to get their heads checked. You’re safe and sound at the moment due to the local police and the military keeping our enemies at bay.


Fuck your kid’s feelings and yours for that matter. We live in a competitive world. Every day you get up in the morning your body is competing against invading illnesses, your competing for jobs, parking spaces, and the love interest in your life. Everything we do holds some form of a competitive nature so why would you want to “guard” against it when it comes to your kid? Eliminating winners and losers in childhood games isn’t repairing anyone for what life really has in store. I honestly want them to lose more often than they win so they can appreciate the wins and overcome the losses.

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