Thoughts on the Clips


Let me start off by saying that what Donald Sterling in that audio clip did not offend me. Not because what he said wasn’t racist but because I’ve lived in America long enough to know that many people in power feel this way. What I found perplexing and oddly comical was that this billionaire was complaining to his girlfriend about her associating with black people. This is the same girlfriend who he brings to games and the same girlfriend who’s half black and mexican.

Apparently they don’t make racists like they used to. What the fuck happen to the racists that made a shred of sense. A racist that wants nothing to do with me or my people I can grasp. The racist that doesn’t want to rent property to us yet buys his half black side-piece a home and expensive cars throws me for a fuckin loop. Perhaps social progression has also touched the bigots as much as it’s touched the rest of us. Some progression is better than none I suppose.

I’d also like to add that as a vet and someone who loves this country and it’s freedoms I would like to add that racists have just as much a right to own companies as the rest of us. If Target for example was owned by a known bigot I don’t think he should have his company stripped from him, I just wouldn’t shop there. But since Sterling is part of an association with a different set of rules, and he’s become bad for business I’m all for forcing him to sell. The guy looks to make north of a billion dollars on the sale of the team, oh poor him..

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