Her, Creepy F’n Movie

herSpoiler Alert!!

I finally got around to seeing Her. You know, the movie about a man who falls in love with his operating system. Not weird at all. I knew the movie was going to be odd on some levels but hey I’m an American. If a man wants to love fall in love with an object he can’t actually fuck, so be it. It’s his God given American right.

Now with that being said this movie was fuckin weird! There’s a scene before he buys his girlfriend where he’s lonely in the middle of the night. He calls up some sex chat room thing and has phone sex with a chick. He was all in on pulling on his beef jerky up until the girl on the other end asked him to choke her with a dead cat. Like I said, fuckin weird!

Anyways, Theodore Twombly buys this new OS, Samantha, and they hit it off. She’s perfect in every way, with the exception of not having vagina. Again, who am I to judge. Let me add, Theodore has a 70’s porn mustache. I’m assuming they wanted to add to the creepiness of the movie by having him sport such a thing.

So these two decide to make love. Really no different than having phone sex when you think about it. The part that got me was the morning after when Theodore tells Samantha, his vagina-less girlfriend, that he doesn’t want to have a commitment. REAL?! Sir, tell me about all the other options you had waiting in line to have a chance with you and your porn ‘stache?

In the end Samantha is a whore and Theodore doesn’t take that so well. It was a decent movie, slow at times, with a high degree of fuckin creepiness.

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