VA Issues

I served in the Army Reserves and my father served as a medic in the Army, so the military has been part of my life and has provided for me in ways that I can’t even list. I have a deep fondness for those that have served regardless of generation or branch. For everything that service members commit and sacrifice for their country how is it that we can allow them to have to be victims of the VA system.

These men and women who do the unimaginable and should be taken care of and given at the very least the medical care that a country can be proud of. They shouldn’t be shuffled alone from one list or line to the next. They shouldn’t be tossed aside as if they are leaching on the system. They earned the right to be taken care of with dignity and compassion and it’s disgusting that they receive anything less while assholes in political office are receiving the best care!

Marcus Luttrell on how to fix the issue:

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