Menstrual Cup?!?!

So the wife and I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up her refill pain medication for her plantar fasciitis. While at the counter these two younger females walked up to the counter next to ask asking if they sold menstrual cups. The minute I hear menstrual anything I fuckin bolted right down to the end of one of isles.

Once my wife was done, she found me and asked why I left. I told her what I overheard and we both looked at each other like what the fuck is that? On the drive home we decided to look it up and she found this handy little video that puts the little disgusting fucking thing into perspective.

It’s bad enough that the normal act as we know it of jamming a plug up there or wearing a diaper is filthy enough, now we want to add cups?! Well, enjoy this video. It describes what the items are and how to use it.

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