I’m not the biggest Obama fan these days. He’s going from one fuck up to the next without thinking things through. I was never deployed over seas so by no means am I judging someone’s state of mind for making a decision in the fog of war. With that being said how the fuck does the United States trade five top level terrorists for someone who’s walked off the battlefield?

Lets say we buy the original story of him falling behind while on patrol and being snatched up. Does that mean we trade one low level soldier for five high level guys who attack women and children? It might sound cold to people who have never serves but everyone and everything on the battlefield is property. Pieces that get moved about and used to gain the upper hand during war. How the fuck does this give you the upper hand?

If Obama was looking for that feel good story that would get Americans to fall in love with him all over again this ain’t it. He left his post during war and caused the deaths of six service members who will never have the opportunity of seeing their families again. To add the P.R. nightmare word is now getting out that the guy was actually helping the enemy with intel on how and when to attack Americans.

If this shit is remotely true, add it to the list of shitty decisions that this president has made..

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