Stewart’s Race Off

 This isn’t all about one man, killed in one town. This is about how people of color no matter their social economic standing face obstacles in this country with surprising grace..

 While the segment itself made me laugh, the 7:40 mark and on is the section that I focused on most in the segment. As mad as America gets about it’s guns, Christmas, and immigration why is it so difficult to understand why a group of individuals might be bit tender (to say the least) about race when it feels like that’s all that matters.  

It’s in the same principle as a man who stands up and say’s, “I’m tired of all this talk about sexism, I just don’t see it.” In all honesty how could we, we’re men. Our eyes aren’t really open to that reality because we don’t live it. We’re not sensitive enough to feel the vibrations of it on societies web because it doesn’t quite affect us. Some of us understand it better than others because we’re trying harder to feel for women but even then it’s just not quite possible to truly know what it’s like. 

So when people have really strong opinions on topics they quite can’t truly feel, it comes off a insulting. To live a week in the shoes of a minority would change your opinion completely and many of the issues today would end. 


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