Fast Food Strike

Another fast food strike is underway throughout the country. I’ve blogged about the topic previously but every time it comes up it brings me to another level of annoyance. I’m not saying the majority of fast food workers are lazy or dumb. I would never actually say that, well perhaps I would think it from time to time when my order gets fucked up.

I’ve never worked fast food, I think it’s one of the shittiest jobs you can have next to fluffer, janitor, and alternate juror. It blows, it’s a job I would never want, but in saying that I wouldn’t be too proud to work it if I had to. I’ve never graduated college, I don’t come from money, but one of the few things my father taught me was work hard, use my mind, and be dependable.

I don’t have what you would call a glamorous job, but I worked my ass off in every company I worked for and made my way up. I asked for extra responsibility and opportunities to learn, which proved to people that I was a prime candidate for promotions. I never sat in a position waiting for minimum wage to bump me up to a living wage.

As fucked up as this may sound, increasing your wage as a fast food worker to $15 an hour isn’t the fuckin answer. You’re getting shitty pay, for shitty unskilled work. You’re unskilled and uneducated. Which if we are all being honest, is probably why your asking for $15 an hour.

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