New Ray Rice video..

My first thoughts in watching this newly leaked video of Ray Rice giving his woman a left hook which knocked her out was, DAAAAAMN!! We all had an idea of what went on in the elevator from the first video but this one puts everything into perspective. I’m mad about Ray Rice and that dumb ass he ended up marrying but I’m most disgusted by the NFL/Roger Goodell and the Ravens.

I was already embarrassed that he only got 2 games for the incident but now that we all know what actually happen and safe to assume that both Goodell and the Ravens had this information in hand when they decided to punish him. Best case scenario both parties see the video and they hand him his ass and we all move on.

The worst case scenario is the one we are in now. You gave him some bullshit suspension and hoped the video would never see the light of day. If it wasn’t for the video being leaked this piece of shit would be representing your league by week 3. It seems that the only reason that the Ravens have now released him and the NFL suspended him indefinitely is due to the truth coming out, which is fuckin disgusting!

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