The “Machine”

So.. Umm.. so lets try to review this because I have a few questions. Umm.. So, who cleans this thing and how often? How do you ensure that my dick isn’t going to come out of that thing with a horrible combination of STDs?

My next series of questions are almost as important. Why is this machine just out in the open? Who’s the guy that says, you know what? I gotta make a serious donation right the fuck now and just slides his dick into this machine even though it’s just sitting out in a hallway for anyone to see you using. Can you imagine walking through the hallway and coming across this guy just plowing away into this thing with reckless abandonment?

One response to “The “Machine”

  1. Is it just me, or is this disturbingly similar to an automatic milking machine thing? If I was a dude, I would feel all violated and such just looking at this thing…*shudder*

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