The Interview

Scrappethe-interview-2014.31431d?! Seriously, so some hackers decided to attack Sony and threaten moviegoers with 9-11 style terrorist attacks and we fold? As a community we just throw in the towel and dive for cover because a group of shitheads didn’t like the movie about their leader?

First off, fuck you for not realizing that it’s just a fuckin comedy. If I’m going to be completely honest here, it’s probably a shitty movie. I had no intention on seeing this thing in the theater or at home. It looked like a giant turd, but now that some terrorists is telling me that he’s going to bring 9-11 style havoc to me, my response is fuck you. I’ll watch whatever the fuck I want to watch so blow it out of your ass.

SonyI also find it embarrassing that Sony decided to pull the movie, catering to a couple of nut bags that act tough behind their computers. Aside from just annoying me, I worry about the precedence that this could set going forward.

2 responses to “The Interview

  1. I have heard rumors that Sony plans on getting it out to the public somehow. I just saw a story a few minuets ago that said North Korea is experiencing massive internet outages. I hope its true, lol!

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