Another Shooting?

Another shooting in St Louis County involving a the police? I’m fuckin stunned! Let me explain, I’m not stunned that there’s another shooting exactly, but that there’s another shooting with no evidence of what exactly happen. The two videos released by the police don’t offer concrete evidence supporting the police officer’s claim that the suspect had a gun. If you trust or distrust the police you are bound to make the conclusion of your choice. I don’t fault anyone for any of that, it’s human nature.

What I am fuckin’ bothered by is how convenient it is for the police issues cameras not to have worked or had been turned on by the officer in question. In a climate where there’s a heavy distrust for the police and the government as a whole, the fact that BOTH cameras weren’t turned on makes the police department look dirty. Everything that has happen is pretty early on in the investigation. I’m not here to lay claim that this is a dirty cop, I don’t know the guy and it would be irresponsible for me to do so but something doesn’t smell right.

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