New You?


I usually talk about random bullshit, whatever can get me a good laugh. Sometimes I need to throw some deeper shit out there based on how I’m feeling from time to time. With the new year I want to get people to start thinking about their goals, in my own special way of course.


I’m not going to bother hitting you with that whole “new year, new you” bullshit. I don’t believe in it. It implies that you are inadequate as the person you are at the moment. Nothing about you is inferior. What I will tell you is that you have the opportunity to become whatever you want. The ability has always been a part of you, similar to someone’s ability to run. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve just decided to not be bother with it. In the end everything you’ve wanted to be is as simple as simple deciding to become it.

Just fuckin do it!


Way too many people play down their potential out of fear or guilt and in the end playing out a life they resent. Really what’s the fuckin point of living a life that’s not quite your own? Life is way too short to play supporting cast to someone else’s life. WAY too fuckin short! Stop worrying about guilt, stop worrying about failure and push yourselves out of your comfort zones. Start playing the lead role in your life’s story and just do what you’ve been meant to fuckin do!

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