Charlie Hebdo Shooting

SMohamo, some shitheads decided to attack a French magazine based on a difference of opinion. You disagree with some bullshit that someone wrote or drew about your religion so you decided to kill 12 people over it. Do I have this right? Does this sound fuckin reasonable for you, to murder people based on some shit you didn’t like.

You’re telling me that the Prophet Mohammed would somehow agree with your disgusting actions? You don’t think that a prophet is so far above this petty bullshit that he wouldn’t just go about his day without the use of violence? I would sure hope so!

InfeYou are a fuckin embarrassment to your country, your family, and most importantly your faith. Call me an infidel if you want, but you are a piece of shit. If there are a set of rules that you would like to live by so be it. Stay where the fuck you came from and have at it. The rest of us like having the freedoms that we have so go fuck off.

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