Zimmerman.. AGAIN?!


I’m pretty sure It’s February, right? Why else would my Twitter timeline be blowing up about another fuckin George Zimmerman arrest. There’s no fuckin way this guy would be arrested again, right? If I got a get out of jail free card, do you think I would be tempting fate over and over again? Hell no. I wouldn’t so much as make a California rolling stop, let alone have a bunch of domestic violence arrests on my record.

His mug shot collage looks like a string of someone’s school pictures, year after year. What’s more disgusting in all this was that this man was praised as some saving force for the community against a black “thug” on the night of the shooting by Fox News. They defended him and his actions as that of a man who was a hero in a sense. Now here he is with yet another arrest.

Now my questions is this, when does George Zimmerman get labeled a “thug” and have his reputation ripped to shreds?

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