Hypocrite Much?

CharlieI’m someone who enjoys free speech. On a certain level I valued it so much I even served in the Army. No I’m not some kind of hero, I mainly did it to because I had no idea where I was going in life so it seemed like a good decision. I am all for free speech, that is with the exception of speech which threatens someone. I know that sounds a bit murky when you really think about it. When does a threat end and free speech begin. I don’t think anyone should live in fear of death based on my words.

A French comedian by the name of Dieudonne M’bala M’bal was arrested for writing a status update that that seemed to support the terrorist attacks. The guy apparently is known for an antisemitic show. While I disagree with anything that remotely supports terrorism, and his humor may not be my cup of tea isn’t he afforded the right in free speech?

A bunch of people JUST marched together in support of free speech for Charlie Hebdo, yet the French government turns around and starts locking people up for speech they don’t agree with? While as a minority I despise the KKK, I feel they have the right to exist. They have the freedom to call me a nigger or a spic or whatever other offensive word they decide to use against me on any given day.

THAT, is the freedom of speech, and it works BOTH ways!

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